Viewer Responses: Child Protection

We very much appreciate your editorial reminding everyone that child protection is a community obligation.  I am concerned that your statement did not remind your audience that North Carolina law requires anyone who suspects that a child is abused, neglected or dependent to report that case to the Director of the county department of social services.  (North Carolina General Statute 7B-301).  This law is mandatory upon everyone regardless of position.  Reports can be made anonymously.  The telephone number listed for New Hanover County Department of Social Services- Children's Protective Services has been changed.  The new number is 798-3420.  After hours and on weekends, reports can be made through the 911system.  We will respond.  Thank you.

Julia Talbutt, Staff Attorney
New Hanover County DSS
(910) 798-3512


Screw this ridiculous state and its ridiculous laws. Specifically: "North Carolina law requires anyone who suspects that a child is abused or neglected to report that case to the Director of the County Department of Social Services. This law is mandatory upon everyone regardless of position". One more reason to hate it here. How dare ANYONE make such a law. Somebody could file a false report just because they may have a problem with how they BELIEVE a child should be treated. I personally am ALL FOR  more discipline for children....spanking included, in public or not. My parents could spank me, my teachers could spank me, the list goes on. That's all we need....pseudo-politically correct idiots calling in for a spanking or whatever they deem to be wrong for a child. File this next to D.U.I. when riding a bike or lawnmower. Or file it next to my $135.00 ticket for "driving to slow".....ON A SCOOTER!!!!(I'm not kidding). I got a DUI in 2001,and CAN get my license back right now. But I'm putting it off for as long as I can because of what I've seen, heard, and experienced with laws and law enforcement in this town/state. I'm truly afraid of what may happen. Sincerely, Mark Vincent.


This was a good follow up and interesting comments from NHCSS. However, some folks would hesitate to go to the extreme of reporting suspected abuse or neglect. I believe that hesitation comes from hearing such reports about neglect, like we did of the ten month old baby left alone, and nothing much happening. It seems blatantly obvious that some folks only get a slap on the wrist for the horrible acts they commit against children. I have often wondered what the consequences would have been, if that little baby had died that night without one soul in the house with it. Although, it is worth the reminder that this problem is the responsibility of us all. When these acts are committed, and SS has knowledge of abuse or neglect, I expect them to do their job! That is their responsibility, not mine. That is why we have this department within our county, because I don't know all the children that may be suffering. They on the other hand, do receive police reports, anonymous calls and should have their own documentation if they have been involved. Also, when there is no question who the neglectors/abusers are, shouldn't they be held more responsible for their act? Shouldn't they be required to do more than attend some parenting classes? Has our society lost all of its common sense? Will parenting classes help with that? I was married at eighteen, right out of high school and had my first child at twenty three. I never ever thought I could just leave my child home alone. And let's not forget why this couple chose to do this? They wanted to go out and party! Well, if they could afford a taxi, so they could both drink...if they could afford the bar drinks, at about $4.00 a pop, then why in the world did they not make provisions for their child? A teenager would have only charged a few dollars and THAT would have been better than nothing! Claudette


yes reporting child abuse is very much everyone's concern and it's great that you take the time to bring it to the attention to those who care. also, domestic violence to a child and to any woman should be reported also. some people think that it is not their concern to report the abuse and that is so tragic to think that way. what if that was their sister or mother that it was happening to then maybe it would be a different story. may we all have the courage to take a stand against people who have this idea that they will never get caught. but believe me someone sees everything and one will be stop. thank you again for the care you have for your viewers not many people today have any feelings in their hearts.