Decorations Stolen from Several Neighborhoods


-- It's not the Grinch who stole Christmas but someone who stole the Grinch.

"I looked out the window and my Grinch was gone," says Philip Meeks.

After working for weeks on his Christmas decorations, Meeks woke up last weekend to find some of his Christmas spirit stolen from his house in Wilmington. His 13-year-old son Brandon was heartbroken.

"It's just terrible to see something be stolen at Christmas time," says Brandon Meeks.

But it's not just the Meeks these thieves seek. There are other Scrooges out there, so decorators beware.

"The type of person who steals Christmas decorations is the type who goes to a cemetary and steals flowers," says Hollywood Williams.

Williams lives down the street from the Meeks and his polar bear and candy canes were also taken in the middle of the night.

Carolyn King lives just a few minutes away. Three tiny reindeer she bought for her grandchildren were taken from the back of her house.

"It's just a shame. We bought these for our grandchildren, and it's sad that people don't respect your property," says King.

Reported by Kelli O'Hara