Stop Signs Cause Controversy


-- With no regular police force, town commissioners in Carolina Shores say they put up stop signs at a pair of intersections to curb speeders.

While watching traffic on Carolina Shores Parkway at Sunfish Court and Swamp Fox Drive for several minutes, about half the cars plowed through the intersection without so much as a touch of the brake.

Several neighbors and even the town's mayor say putting up the stop signs was a mistake.

Commissioner Gerry Dale often runs and walks along the parkway. Dale first pushed for the stop signs, and he says they are making the people stop.

"They're doing what they're supposed to do, keeping accidents from happening," says Dale.

One homeowner put up a chain in front of his driveway to keep drivers from cutting through it to bypass the stop signs. Residents say the situation is becoming worse, with some cars stopping and others not.

The future of the signs will be decided at a meeting early next year.

Reported by Joe Keiley