Sheriff: I Won't Step Down

NEW HANOVER CO. -- Before it was announced Tuesday that former New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputy Christopher Long's second degree murder charge was dismissed, WECT conducted an exclusive interview with Sheriff Sid Causey.

He talked about the harsh criticism he's received about Long's actions. Some have said Causey should resign, but he says he has no plans to step down. In fact, he's planning to run for sheriff one more time.

Last week, Causey said he would take full responsibility if an investigation found that Long acted unlawfully. Causey says he did take responsibility by firing Long last Friday after the sheriff's office wrapped up its own investigation.

Causey says resigning is out of the question.

"If I would step down, I would betray not only the people that elected me and that I promised to protect and serve, but I would leave these 400 people in a bad way."

Causey also said his department is raising money for Long's family for Christmas. They've received checks from people as far away as Charlotte.

Long's attorney says Long will get the $50,000 back he paid for bond, but Causey says Long will not get his job back.

We haven't heard from Causey as of Wednesday afternoon to see if the department will continue collecting money for Long.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer