Building Permit Fees May be Waived

RIEGELWOOD -- Greg Keith is repairing his home which was damaged in the Riegelwood tornado. He's started the work even as Columbus County officials debate whether to waive permit fees to rebuild.

"I'm not waiting on them. If there is a fine or there's a fee I will just pay when I have to do it," says Keith.

An organization called The Baptist Men is assisting Keith's family with the clean up, and now the men are eager to start rebuilding other Riegelwood homes. They can't start though, until the permit fee question is settled.

In a telephone interview, County Commissioner Sammie Jacobs asked for patience.

"We will more than likely waive the permit fee, but the board has to vote on it first. Right now we are looking into the logistics."

Jacobs says the commission's next opportunity to consider waiving the fees isn't until January. So for now The Baptist Men are doing minor repairs and trying to make homes more livable.

Reported by Bernadette Jay