Strickland Family Statement

NEW HANOVER CO. -- On Monday, Peyton Strickland's family released a statement after the district attorney announced Chris Long would be charged with second degree murder in Strickland's death.

"Our son, Peyton was killed by a SWAT team firing bullets through the front door of his home in Wilmington. On Friday, the deputy who shot our son was fired.  Today, that deputy was indicted by the Grand Jury for murder. This indictment is an important first step in holding accountable everyone responsible for Peyton's death -- but it is only a first step.  Still to be held accountable are those who put a SWAT team at the door of an 18- year-old college student who was unarmed. We thank District Attorney Ben David for his leadership and the SBI agents whose careful work led to today's indictment. None of these actions can bring Peyton back to us, but perhaps they can save someone else's child."