Surveys Will Help Determine New Magnet Schools

WILMINGTON -- Parents now have a say in what kind of magnet schools are available for their children.

County representatives are sending out survey packets this week to see what kind of magnet schools are needed.

Currently New Hanover County only has a magnet school at the elementary level, but officials are looking to expand into middle and high schools.

Representative Karin Cox says many people aren't sure what a magnet school is.

"A magnet school is basically a school that has a theme and that is meant to draw students from all over the county and still covers all the levels of curriculum and study and testing and all that. It's just focused on a certain theme," says Cox.

If you receive a survey, it needs to be completed by December 19 for your input to be considered. The results will be available at the January school board meeting.

Reported by Bernadette Jay