New Tourist Attraction Coming to Wilmington


-- A new tourist attraction is coming to downtown Wilmington, and it's being handcrafted by Cape Fear Community College students.

A Civil War style blockade runner ship will eventually be docked on the Cape Fear River behind the college.

Pictures of the proposed boat were revealed Friday at the boat building shop on campus. Supporters dressed in Civil War style clothing to set the mood for the announcement.

Students will build the 60 to 85 foot boat that features steam engines. The school plans to use it to give tours up and down the river.

Bunky Bruce, a student behind the idea, says this project is going to do big things for the city.

"I think it's going to be monstrous. It's a small part of what Wilmington is going through right now, the growth. But I think it's going to be monstrous. You've got to remember this is the first one. Nobody has built a blockade runner that's going to be a functional model," says Bruce.

The ship will be the first blockade runner built in 150 years, and it is expected to cost $7.5-million.

Reported by Kim Gebbia