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Parking Deck Mural Receives National Attention

WILMINGTON -- Our area is full of natural beauty, but it's a local parking deck that's getting national recognition for its beauty.

The "Layers of Wilmington" mural project at the Market Street parking deck caught the eye of the Keep America Beautiful campaign.

The project will get nearly $1,000 in funding and aid to keep it moving forward.

City officials say the deck project shows innovation. It's also a community effort. Kids from area schools and afterschool programs are helping to create tiles that decorate the seascape scene on what would otherwise be a bland concrete wall.

"For the city it's a great opportunity to bring art to a wider audience and to make something out of this ugly gray box. It makes it a little less intimidating to park here," says Wendy Larimer.

When the project is finished it will show different scenes on each level of the parking deck. Each scene will pay tribute to local culture.

Reported by Kim Gebbia

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