Author Preserves Carolina Beach in Print


-- Growing up in Carolina Beach, Daniel Norris has seen the town change over the years. While change is inevitable, Norris believes the town's rich history should be preserved, at least in print.

That's the inspiration for his book "Carolina Beach, NC: Images and Icons of a Bygone Era."

The boardwalk is getting smaller, but Norris' book looks back at a time when it was bustling.

"I'm proud of where I live and I want other people to see the old pictures, and I know many people wouldn't get to see them unless someone puts them in a book," says Norris.

For many folks the snapshots will turn back the pages of time.

"Riding the waterslide was one of my favorites, and I loved the amusement park with the rides and the games. Eating Britt's doughnuts of course."

For this hometown historian of sorts the book is a way of giving back and sharing the past with the future.

Reported by Sarah Warlick