Airline Merger Could Mean Changes at ILM


-- A merger between U.S. Airways and Delta Airlines is in the works. If it goes through, it would be the largest airline in the world, and it will effect small airports like ILM.

Airport director Jon Rosborough says the merger may take several years.

"If this thing were to move forward and it were ever to come into affiliation, it would probably take two to three years. There are a lot of hurdles that have to be crossed," says Rosborough.

Rosborough also says if U.S. Airways and Delta Airlines merge, the cost of service to ILM customers may increase. Prominent aviation consultant Micheal Boyd agrees.

"No matter how you slice it or dice it, it's going to be bad news for the consumer at ILM," says Boyd.

Rosborough says if the merger happens, ILM will try to find a new carrier to offer competition and lower fares.

"Part of our strategic plan is to make sure, if that were to happen, is to have another air carrier in here to provide additional service."

Boyd disagrees.

"There are no other airlines that want to come into Wilmington. It's just too small."

Reported by Bernadette Jay