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Sand Cliffs at Wrightsville Beach Getting Taller

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH -- The cliffs of sand, known as escarpments, have been getting taller over the past two months.

Mike Vukelich is Wrightsville Beach's Public Works Director and has seen them grow. In some places they're more than five feet.

"They first started to appear early October when we had higher than normal lunar high tides and a nor'easter passed through," says Vukelich.

The town is making sure people are aware of the steep drop-off by posting signs at each public access from Stone Street to Augusta Street. It may be the off-season, but the town still wants beach-goers to have easy access to the water.

Typically, the sand is carried from the area near the dunes and moved down, but Vukelich says he's not comfortable doing it that way.

"This year, seeing as it is so close behind renourishment, I am gonna try to take sand from the wet beach area and move it up. I think the ocean will replenish the depression."

It's unclear when the escarpments will be transformed into a slope with the help of a couple of bulldozers. Vukelich is waiting for state and federal permits before the project can begin.

Reported by Sarah Warlick

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