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Consider This: Protecting Children

There's no license or special training required to be a parent, but based on some of the news reports we've filed lately, maybe there ought to be.

Just a couple of weeks ago, here in Wilmington, a 10-month-old baby was temporarily taken away from its parents after authorities say they left the child home alone while they went out drinking. Last week a woman in Dayton, Ohio was arrested on a charge of aggravated murder. She's accused of killing her baby girl in a microwave oven.

Sadly, there are many more stories like this where people, ill-prepared to become parents, do so anyway. And sadder still, there's rarely anyone who steps up to speak for the child who's in danger and unable to speak for him or herself.

There are dozens of community organizations, support groups and government agencies that can help. If you know a parent who's struggling with the challenges and responsibilities of caring for their children, or have reason to believe a child may be in danger, please don't look the other way. Counsel the parent and stand up for the child. As a community, we have a responsibility to safeguard the children who cannot speak up for themselves.

That's what we think. Tell us what you think.

Parent Counseling & Child Protection Resources

Adolescent Parenting Program of Planned Parenthood

Wilmington: 762-1746, Pender County: 259-6004


Partnership for Children:

New Hanover County: 815-3731

Brunswick County: 754-3166

Pender County: 259-9978


Cape Fear Mothers of Twins

Wilmington: 251-0969


Child Advocacy Commission of the Lower Cape Fear

Wilmington: 791-1057


Hope Harbor Home for Children and Parents

Supply: 754-5856


Access Family Services

Wilmington: 763-3166


Catholic Social Ministries

Wilmington: 251-8130


East Coast Migrant Head Start

Rocky Point: 259-7491


Family Support Network of Southeastern NC

Wilmington: 792-6133


Institute for Family Centered Cervices

Wilmington: 799-4518


Parenting Place of the Exchange Clubs

Wilmington: 254-0798


Pender Resource Network

Burgaw: 259-4546, ext. 124


Children's Protective Services

New Hanover County: 341-4700

Brunswick County: 253-2077, ext. 2105


National Child Abuse Hotline


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