Crews Remove Tornado Debris in Riegelwood


-- In Columbus County, crews are working hard to remove what were once homes, destroyed by the deadly and devastating tornado.

It's been more than two weeks since the storm tore through the Riegelwood area.

Friday afternoon members of the North Carolina Baptist Men's Disaster Relief Group were busy shoveling debris into dumpsters. They focused most of their attention on Holly Tree Road where the tornado hit.

Janet Byrd, who lives on that road, plans to move back home Saturday, though she knows it will never feel quite the same.

"I've been telling everyone I don't really wanna come back, but I have no other choice. But I thank God we're alive," says Byrd.

While volunteers gladly help out with the relief effort, it's no easy task. They say picking up wood and metal scraps isn't hard.  They say when they find people's personal belongings among the rubble, that tugs at their heart strings.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer