Carolina Canines Celebrates Placement of 25th Service Dog


-- Carolina Canines is celebrating ten years of giving a helping hand, or make that paw, to humans.

The group celebrated the anniversary with the placement of their 25th service dog. Reuben, the black labrador, is just wrapping up his first week with his new owner Jamie.

The service dogs help their human counterparts with everyday tasks at home and in the community.

"This is the moment that it's all about. You bring them home and it's kind of like they're on their own. The dog has the skills, and the individual has their skills, and they're well on their way to getting the most out of the animal," says Rick Hairston with Carolina Canines.

Getting a dog ready to go to a new home takes some time. Each animal is trained for close to three years.

Reported by Joe Keiley