Woman Says Former Friend Killed Her Dog

WILMINGTON - A few weeks ago, Hannah Funderburke received a strange phone call telling her to go home. What she saw when she got to her house frightens her still.

"I just saw my dog hanging from (the front porch) and he had a towel over him, but I could see his feet coming out from underneath the towel," Funderburke said.

Funderburke's terrier, Titus, had been killed. She's convinced it was the former friend whose voice she recognized in the phone call.

Prior to the incident, Funderburke had told the man to leave her alone, because he was obsessed with their friendship.

Now, she no longer feels safe in her home. She's changed the locks and has a new guard dog, a Labrador named Porter.

"It makes me feel a lot safer knowing that I have such a friendly animal right there with me that could definitely pounce if he needed to," she said.

Police are investigating the case. No one has been arrested.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer