Pender Co. Residents Deal with Flooding


-- Water covers roads and turns front yards into swamps. It's a familiar sight near where the Cape Fear River flows east of Burgaw. That area remains under a flood watch due to heavy rain that fell earlier in the week.

The National Weather Service says the water will continue to rise several feet this weekend before coming back down.

Friday morning the river was more than two feet above flood stage. Several roads had signs saying they were closed. Some drivers risked the water, as they were left with few other options for leaving home.

Residents like Tim Wainwright say they've seen some changes in the past few years because of the habits of the local wildlife.

"It's the beavers. We've seen the hurricanes that have come through in the 90s and those beavers have the dams all built up," says Wainwright.

County officials have warned residents who use wells to keep an eye on their drinking water in case it's contaminated. But many have seen all this before, so they're ready for what may come.

Reported by Joe Keiley