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Residents Concerned About Latest Sewage Spill in Wilmington

WILMINGTON -- Laura and Anthony Albertini are upset by the city's most recent sewage spill. As of Monday afternoon, about a half million gallons had spilled. The line across from Pine Grove Drive has been temporarily patched and a permanent fix is planned.

The city first discovered the leak early Sunday, and officials now say it's a place in the line that was repaired about 20 years ago. It's a repair the city says it knew nothing about.

The break is near the environmentally sensitive Hewletts Creek area which has been affected by previous spills.

"Now here it is happening again and the creek runs right behind our house, and I have two children and a family, and it concerns me," says Anthony Albertini.

While the city wrestles to fix the latest leak, officials say no one's health is in jeopardy although people should avoid coming in direct contact with the untreated waste.

For now, the city has been built a temporary road through the swampy area and crews are on standby to begin permanent repairs late Monday night.

Reported by Kelli O'Hara

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