Pipe Break Sends Sewage Spilling Again in Wilmington

WILMINGTON - Sewage is spilling, again, in the Port City.

City officials learned of the latest break Sunday at about noon. The leak, off Pine Grove Drive, comes more than a year after a three-million gallon spill into the same environmentally sensitive body of water: Hewletts Creek.

"I will tell you, quite frankly we're very frustrated with this break, because we feel like we have been making progress. We're in the process of making two major repairs right now. We've just completed a major repair in another portion of this pipe line," said Malissa Talbert, Wilmington spokeswoman.

The break is in the swamp area near Hewletts Creek. Pumper trucks are on site to retrieve the sewage as it spills from the faulty pipe, but the swampy location of the break makes repair efforts difficult.

It is unclear exactly how much raw sewage has spilled into the creek.

Pine Grove Drive will be closed from Greenville Loop Road to Holly Tree Road until Monday afternoon.

Crews say they are making the repairs as quickly as possible and hope to have the job completed sometime this week.

Reported by Bernadette Jay