Tornado in Riegelwood: The Day After


-- The sky is clear in Riegelwood the day after the tornado tore through town. On the ground, Holly Tree Drive is not what it used to be, as residents try to put back what the storm tore apart.

The search focuses on those items that can't be replaced, as people look for pictures and personal items. Some people are too shocked to do anything but look at the damage. Prayers are said. Shoulders are cried on. Others remember their neighbors who weren't able to make it out.

Not every home was damaged on Holly Tree Drive, but those that were hit were destroyed. That was the case for Darryl McNair. He made it out of the storm alive, but his home was blown apart. McNair and his fiance were able to salvage a few items from the rubble.

The tornado may be have ripped people's homes and lives apart, but the community of Riegelwood is working to put everything back together, despite the pain and damage they see and feel.

Reported by Joe Keiley