Tornado Strews Damage Along N.C. 87

RIEGELWOOD-- Though an area near Holly Tree Road suffered extensive damage from a tornado Thursday, the devastation was evident along N.C. 87 as well.

Miles away from the site where funnel cloud first touched the ground, trees were uprooted and split open, homes were turned inside out, and pieces of furniture, wood and other debris were strewn about.

Even homes that weren't destroyed didn't escape damage. Along the road, a car lay on its side and telephone poles and trees were visible signs of the storm's path.

With the damage as a backdrop, several search and rescue crews worked to find the missing.

Drivers turned off their car engines to help rescue workers listen for cries for help.

Crews pulled several bodies out of the debris off N.C. 87, and the road itself was shut down and turned into a staging area.

Even seasoned law officers and EMTs were stunned by what they were experiencing, their faces a reflection of a day that disrupted the quiet community and filled it with tragedy.

Reported by Joe Keiley