Troopers Urge Drivers to Slow Down

WILMINGTON -- Fast cars are the No. 1 cause of accidents in the state and in Wilmington. And with Thanksgiving a little more than a week away, troopers say even more people are going to be rushing on the roads.

If you've got the urge to put the pedal to the floor during the holiday weekend, you might want to think twice. State troopers say the number of fatal accidents are up drastically from last year and now they're cracking down.

They have started Operation Slow Down and that's exactly what troopers are trying to do, slow people down.

"We're going to put a lot of cars on the shoulder and write a lot of citations for anything we see out there," said Trooper J.O. Holmes.

If you want to avoid being one of those cars on the shoulder, troopers say follow the speed limit, don't be an aggressive driver and definitely don't drink and drive.

Reported by Kim Gebbia