Low Test Scores at Brunswick High Schools

BRUNSWICK CO. -- South Brunswick High School students are learning about fractions and integers. School administrators there and at the county's other two high schools are discussing some negative numbers of their own: low scores on standardized tests.

South, North and West Brunswick Highs scored the lowest among all public high schools in the three-county area on the end of year state tests. All were below the state average of 71 percent.

Principals at the schools aren't taking scores lightly, but say there's more learning in their buildings than the test results show. They're focusing on the positives, like North Brunswick High School's literacy achievement award, which the principal hopes will show students in the classroom and parents at home about the good things going on at school.

It may be just one day of work that determines the scores, but Brunswick educators say they're dedicated to making the next day of testing more successful.

Reported by Joe Keiley