Young Girl Sells Poppies to Honor Veterans

WILMINGTON -- For some students it was a day off from school to celebrate Veterans Day Friday. One of those students spent her free time doing something special to honor the men and women who have served this country.

Twelve-year-old Rosie Seltzer from Leland decided to sell red poppy flowers at the K-Mart in Wilmington. The poppies were handmade by the disabled veterans in Brunswick County. There were no price tags on the poppies. Rosie accepted whatever donation shoppers wanted to give.

Rosie says since she's not old enough to serve in the military, she wanted to do something to show her appreciation to the vets.

"To serve your country is like the most patriotic thing you can do. If you do that then it's just an ultimate symbol of citizenship."

This is the third year Rosie has sold the red poppies. The proceeds go to local charities.

Reported by Kim Gebbia