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Another New Flag to Fly at Veterans Park

WILMINGTON -- The enormous flag pole at Veterans Park stands empty again. Nearby residents are weary of the community's flag disappearing.

The original flag, which weighs more than 100 pounds, was stolen from the pole back in March. Police thought they found the flag and the thief, but it turns out they received a false tip.

The county finally put up a replacement flag, but neighbors say it vanished almost a month and a half ago. Now just before Veterans Day, park residents want another flag to fly.

Because the flag pole is so large it requires a 20 by 30 foot flag. Replacing it can be an expensive and tedious project, but park officials say there's some good news in the future for the empty flagpole. They have now put in a security cable to prevent the latest flag from being stolen.  Four workers will hoist the flag up the pole Thursday afternoon.

Reported by Kim Gebbia

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