Cucalorus Film Festival Boosts Economy in Wilmington


-- Thousands of people, filmmakers, movie buffs, critics, are expected to be downtown this weekend for the 12th annual Cucalorous Film Festival.

More than 100 films and documentaries will be shown from all over the world.

Businesses are excited by the expected boom over the next four days in a normally quiet fall season. Shop and restaurant owners expect to be inundated with customers eager to eat, drink and talk about what they've just seen.

One Canadian filmmaker is not only in town to show her movie but to shop around as well.

Organizers of the festival hope the movie makers not only spend money here but come back to make movies. That's when this festival truly pays dividends.

The first film kicks off Wednesday night at 7:00pm at Thalian Hall. It's called the "Trials of Daryl Hunt."

For more information about the film festival visit or call Thalian Hall at (910) 343-3664.

Reported by Kelli O'Hara