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Brother of Wanted Doctor Urges Him to Come Home

WILMINGTON -- John Arena arrived in Wilmington Tuesday morning to work for his brother renovating homes, but when he pulled into his brother's driveway, Arena was greeted by police. They wanted to find Joseph Arena, and they called him dangerous.

"There's no danger. He's probably embarassed, broken-hearted and everything," says John Arena.

Police say Joseph Arena, a prominent Wilmington emergency room physician, tried to kill his wife by strangling her in the driveway of their home near Middle Sound Loop. Police say he thought she was dead and he took off, leaving their two young children behind.

John Arena says their sister will be arriving in Wilmington, and he wants his brother to know the entire family is worried about him. They hope he comes back home.

"His wife is fine. I want him to know that. This is nothing we can't get through. Everyone's waiting to get this straightened out," says John Arena.

Doctor Arena worked at both New Hanover Regional Medical Center and Pender Memorial Hospital. He has been suspended from both places as police continue their search.

Reported by Joe Keiley

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