Boseman Declares Victory in State Senate Race

NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- The campaign was fierce between incumbent State Sen. Julia Boseman and challenger Al Roseman, but in the end, Boseman held onto her seat.

Boseman beat Roseman by more than 11,000 votes.

Amid an expensive campaign peppered with attack ads, Boseman said the voters chose someone who would tell the truth.

"I think one people like here is somebody who is going to be honest with them, whether they like the person or not," Boseman said. "I think they pretty much took offense to people misleading them, or to my opponent misleading them of what they said that I voted for or things that I did... and they just weren't true. Folks knew that and they came out and they supported the issues and they supported me, and I'm thankful."

Reported by Joe Keiley