Crews Hopeful Kinks are Worked Out of Voting Machines


-- The politicians have been hot on the campaign trail for months now gearing up for Tuesday's election, and now workers are busy behind the scenes to make sure the votes count. They're making sure all 46 precincts in the county have voting equipment.

Each polling place will have the traditional paper ballot as well as electronic voting machines. This is only the second election the Ivotronic machine has been used to tally votes.

In May, ten precincts reported problems with the machines, but election officals believe all the kinks have been worked out this time around.

"In May it was a brand new system. Everyone was learning a new system. This was the case all across North Carolina, not just in New Hanover County," says Bonnie Williams with the Board of Elections.

Voters in Columbus, Pender, and Brunswick counties will also have the option to use the Ivotronic voting machine. Polls open at 6:30 Tuesday morning and close at 7:30pm.

Reported by Sarah Warlick