"Be Somebody" Campaign Encourages Kids to Think


-- New Hanover High School kicked off its first ever "Be Somebody" campaign Wednesday afternoon. It's in memory of a former student who was killed in a drunk driving accident in 2004.

Harper Williams, 19, was killed after police say his best friend 18-year-old Harrison Palmer lost control of his SUV and crashed. Palmer plead guilty to drunk driving.

Now New Hanover High School's Heritage Club has started a "Be Somebody" campaign to help get students to think before they drink and drive. Orange wrist bands were passed out as well.

Williams' parents attended the ceremony.

"The club wanted to make a campaign to encourage kids to make good choices. Good choices about everything in their life. Drinking, drinking and driving. About listening to your parents. Choices of everything," says Bert Williams, Harper's father.

Williams says his son liked to use the phrase "be somebody."  The slogan later became the name of the family boat.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer