Changes Explained at Jasmine Cove

WILMINGTON -- Administrators at a local adult care facility are explaining the changes they've made to allow the center to stay open for now.

Inspectors had found many shortcomings at Jasmine Cove and had threatened to shut it down. Jasmine Cove's owners appealed. Now, after weeks of review, the state has decided the residents don't have to move.

Administrators say they made several changes including replacing almost all the old staff members, intensive employee training and following up on patients' needs and doctors' recommendations.

"The residents are excited too. They are ready for this to finish up, because they are tired of seeing it on the news and in the newspaper. So, they are excited and have always been excited with the care they have gotten here. So this makes them feel good just as well," says Administrator Ann Day.

The Department of Social Services will be back to inspect Jasmine Cove sometime next month. Officials say if the facility is not in compliance, it will be shut down.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer