Another Chance for Jasmine Cove

WILMINGTON -- An assisted living facility in danger of being shut down has been given another chance. The state will not revoke Jasmine Cove's operating license.

The state threatened to shut down the facility after inspections showed several problems, including roaches and failure to administer medications properly. After the facility was put on notice, another inspection showed the most serious issues had been corrected.

However, Jasmine Cove is still not in the clear. The facility is still operating under a provisional license, meaning it cannot take in any new residents, at least until the next inspection.

Workers at the Department of Social Services were glad that the staffers at Jasmine Cove appeared to have made strides, but still they felt it took too long.

"It's nothing but a win-win situation for the county and for Jasmine Cove," said Wanda Marino with the DSS. "But for some reason it took giving them an intent to revoke to get their attention. We should have had their attention in February."

DSS inspectors will head back some time in November to double check that Jasmine Cove is still operating safely and efficiently.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer