Supporters Take a Spike for Alzheimer's Awareness

WILMINGTON -- Volleyball, raffles and even a petting zoo made Saturday a "Day to Remember" at Capt'n Bills Backyard Grill.

The annual William Pusser Alzheimer's event was all an effort to raise awareness and money for the disease.

All of the money raised from raffle tickets and prizes goes directly to the research and care of Alzeihmer's patients in southeastern North Carolina.

Planners say it is time people learned more about the disease.

"Alzheimer's is the 4th leading cause of death, but the 18th in research," said event participant Jeanne Wisniewski. "Alzheimer's is a disease that robs patients of their memories, but also it's hard on the families and the caregivers. My husband once said it's like a thief in the night... it takes a lot of things away from families and patients."

Last year the volleyball tournament raised $20,000, and officials said they expect this year's total to surpass that.

Reported by Kim Gebbia