Jasmine Cove Residents Want to Stay

Jasmine Cove Residents Want to Stay

WILMINGTON -- State and county officials want Jasmine Cove to close, but residents of the assisted living facility say they want to stay.

The facility has come under fire for problems with food, care and cleanliness. But residents say the living conditions are improving and they do not want to leave.

At a special meeting at Jasmine Cove on Wednesday night, residents and their family members talked about their concerns with owner Ron Burrell.

"I've spent the time and attention to this building that I should have," Burrell said.

Iris Malady's younger sister lives in Jasmine Cove, and Malady said she's never doubted the facility's care.

"She's never really had any problems, actually," Malady said. "She's been very happy here."

Moving to a new home could be very traumatic for the residents, family members said.

"They'd have a complete adjustment to do, getting used to other people," Malady said. "They're used to the people around here and they're used to their rooms and the halls here."

Burrell has appealed the state's decision to close Jasmine Cove. Now, residents, family members and employees will wait to see if the state accepts the appeal and if they will still be able to call Jasmine Cove home.

Reported by Kim Gebbia