Port City Java Sets Up Scholarship to Remember Student

WILMINGTON -- A local company created a UNCW scholarship in memory of an employee killed in a car accident in 2004.

A plaque hangs on the wall at Port City Java on Front Street, commemorating the Holly Michelle Baughman Celebration Scholarship.

Baughman was killed on River Road when her car crashed with a truck.

Her friend Carolina Cropp said Baughman was on her way home from working at Port City Java when she was killed.

"I think of her as such a light soul," said Cropp. "To remember her, I still come in here to see her picture. That doesn't hurt me. It's more to celebrate her life."

UNCW full-time undergraduate students can fill out an application for the scholarship, worth $1,214, at UNCW's admissions center. Applicants must have graduated from high school with a 2.75 GPA or higher. They are also required to write an essay on their volunteering efforts with the homeless or abandoned and abused animals.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer