Consider This: Remembering 9/11

For my family, Sept 11 was the morning after we recd news that my younger sister had suddenly & very unexpectedly died.  Only 50 years old and she was gone.   At the time the first plane hit, I was on the phone with my daughter back home in Rhode Island, talking about my sister, her Aunt.    The next few days were quite difficult, trying to figure out how to get home with all the airports closed, not a flight to be found. 
My son & I drove back…strangely quiet on the roads, no planes in the air, only what appeared to be some type of military jets....but flags everywhere.....on overpasses, on trucks, cars, just much sadness…personal and collectively
When I got home, my parents were unaware of what had happened to our country.....their middle child was one should have to bury a child.....not my parents, not any parent...including the parents of all that died Sept 11
What happens even still is that people will meet my Mom and Dad and ask about my sister, me and my younger brother…unaware of her passing as everyone was so hypnotized by the events of our country......they apologize and say they did not know....
But life goes on for all of us and like so many of us learn, be a little kinder, say I love you and mean it....have lunch with that family member even though there is so much to do.....for tomorrow is so uncertain
Cindy Cottrill
Wilmington NC

I remember that day and always will. I have a son in the USAF and when all this happened, I couldn't even talk to him or e-mail him. His wife was off base working and couldn't get back in until the next day. Since this time, my son (who has a high security position) has been in the war zone more than anywhere else. I estimate he has been there off and on for a total of 4 years. He was sent to England and took his wife and child, but only after 3 years over there, I learned that he spent at least 2 and a half of those 3 years in the war zone. His wife and child were in a foreign land alone all that time. He is based stateside for a year, but has been back to the zone twice and is there now. He can't say where or what he is doing, so we can't even communicate. We can only pray. So all you protestors think about my son and his family when you say negative things about our armed forces. This could be your family. Shirley