Consider This: Save the Piers - Viewers Responses

I heard the editorial about the loss of fishing piers in North Carolina.  I'm a baby boomer who spent all my spring, summer and fall weekends and holidays on Long Beach Fishing Pier.  We drove from Charlotte, NC with our three small children.  My parents and my husband's Mother grew to love it as much as we did and soon my brother and sisters and their families were coming down also.  A lot of the young local's would be dropped off by their parents with their rods and reels to fish for the day.  Jerry Dilsaver, an editor for one of the local Salt Water Fishing magazines, was a young surfer/fisherman during those years.  We made many life long friends on that pier. 
My parents went on to buy a condo at Ocean Isle and we started going to Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach Fishing Piers.  As we got older and more financially stable, we also purchased large off shore boats utilizing local marinas and participating in fishing tournaments up and down the coast.  Many competitors were people we had met on the piers.  As your can see this continued to expand to other economic resources for the cities along the coast.
We are grandparents now and hope these opportunities will continue to be there for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.  So many young people would never have the chance to learn to love fishing if it was not as affordable as the piers.  This addiction to fishing is easy to develop in our youth if we give them the opportunity.  Any state legislation that can curtail growth to prevent the destruction of these piers would be supported by me and my family. 
Thank you, Linda LeChette King

Fishing piers are a part of the beach.  Surely they can't be serious. Let's get rid of the salt in the ocean .ever thought of that? Piers and salt water go together.

I found your presentation on the plight of fishing piers highly appropriate and demonstrating a community conscience that I admire. I think this deserves some investigation. Thank You. David P. Thomas

My whole family was brought up pier fishing. Families from all over the country used to come to the oceanic pier to meet as a halfway point between New York and Florida. The new owners had no interest in the survival of the pier. They were only interested in their restaurants. just another American institution fallen by the wayside. Dwayne

People KNOW that our coast lines as fast becoming overdeveloped.  Government knows this too!  However when it come to the almighty dollar, the dollar almost always wins.  What a Shame!  When are we going to learn that we need to keep the Coast Line safe and above all keep it so that the local and even tourists can have something to enjoy!  It's also a livelihood for some people!  The Government needs to finally put their money where there mouth is, when they say they are working for their constituent's.  Constituent' need to remember who is working for them or SPECIAL INTERESTS.   We need to protect our coastlines, period.  When are we going to do it right? Yvonne Carpenter