North Brunswick High School Assistant Principal Arrested

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Parents at North Brunswick High School are upset as news of the arrest of the school's assistant principal spreads through the campus.

Greg James Morris, who serves as assistant principal at the school, was arrested Sunday night at a hotel in Atlantic Beach. He was charged with indecent exposure and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Students at North Brunswick were left with questions.

"He's the assistant principal -- he's supposed to keep me safe and keep me in line," said student Heather Brogdon. "If he can't keep himself in line, how can he do his job?"

Meanwhile, parents are outraged at the news.

"I am appalled at what's going on," said parent Stephanie Heward. "You can't trust anyone. It almost brings you to tears. You think they are going to be safe, and then you hear this kind of thing."

The effects from the charges against Morris can be felt in New Hanover County as well, as Morris is the son of New Hanover County superintendent Dr. John Morris.

Brunswick County superintendent Katie McGee declined to comment about the incident, only saying that the school system is investigating the situation.

Morris is on paid leave.

Reported by Sarah Warlick