Middle of the Island Restaurant Closes After More Than 40 Years

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH -- It's the end of an era for a local diner, as the Middle of the Island shut its doors for the last time on Sunday, after serving the public for nearly 50 years.

Customers packed the restaurant and lined the sidewalk, trying to get their last taste of a tradition.

I'm going to miss the fried shrimp
," said one customer. "Y
ou can't get it anywhere other than

But it's not just the food that lures the locals in every day. Customers said they will miss the atmosphere at M.O.I., which has kept people coming back for more than four decades.

"This is the local-est place on the beach," said another customer. "everyone comes here and says hey to everyone. This is just all locals and that's probably the greatest part about it."

And now fans of M.O.I. have to look for a new place to get their fill of good food.

Reported by Kelli O'Hara