Wilmington Gas Leak

Police say a series of 9-1-1 calls that began Friday night reporting gas leaks across the city have died down.

People all across Wilmington came home, to to work and even to church...to the smell of gas.

Dobo Hall at UNCW, and the St. Mark Catholic Church of Eastwood are just two of the more than forty calls to firefighters on Saturday reporting a gas leak.

It started Friday afternoon on 5th and Dock Street when a gas pipe burst and no fumes came out. Piedmont Natural Gas did not put enough of the odor causing chemical to make it smell.

Friday's evacuation on 5th Street was because people couldn't smell the gas coming out of this pipe, and Saturday's evacuations came because people are smelling too much gas.

" That's where we're at now, they've added too much chemical into it and you can smell it as it burns through your gas stove or heater. If you suspect anything call us." says Cliff Wilman of Wilmington Fire Department.

Piedmont Gas is fixing the levels again, residents and firefighters hope this time they get it right.