Fire Safety Inspectors in Full Force during Riverfest

WILMINGTON -- No open sign welcomes customers anymore at Frequency nightclub on Grace Street, as it was shut down early Sunday morning.

Police responded to a complaint at the bar, realizing the club was more than 100 people over its maximum capacity.

Now the Fire Department has put out a warning: breaking the law will not be tolerated over Riverfest weekend. Inspectors plan to be out in full force looking for violations.

"We're gonna look for blocked exits, make sure people are not in front of the door on the side walk," said assistant fire chief Frank Blackley. "We'll check to make sure exit lights are working, the emergency lights. Those are the some of the things we'll look for."

Breaking code violations means fines, criminal and civil citations for bar owners, as the possibility of the bar being shut down.

The employees at Fire Belly said they have no problem closing the doors of the bar, if they get busy enough.

Bartender Sean Murphy expected downtown to be packed over Riverfest weekend. He said to count on lines everywhere -- except Frequency.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer