Sand and Silt Still Get Dumped into Black's Marina

CAROLINA BEACH -- Looking at the water at Black's Marina, manager Randy Simon was not happy.

The water at the marina gets shallower by the week, Simon said, due to a storm drain that dumps sand and silt into the water.

He had been asking the Town of Carolina Beach for help and was recently given $6,000.  But he said that did not adress the issue long-term.

"Basically we're back at square one," Simon said.  "We need to address storm drain issues to our infrastructure to prevent silting in our harbor."

It is not just water being washed into the pipes.  Simon said trash and sand are also making their way into the harbor.

And Black's Marina is not the only place affected.  Pipes are dumping silt all around the harbor.

Dan Wilcox is on the Carolina Beach Planning and Zoning Commission and agreed that something needs to be done.

"The harbor is a tremendous asset to the community," Wilcox said, "and it'd be unfortunate not to take steps to protect it."

The town hired an engineer but both Simon and Wilcox said that the engineer's report came up short.

"A lot of discussion to suggest material was not coming out of the pipe," Wilcox said.  "But no one can answer where it is coming from. I think it's a common sense question that needs to be answered."

Simon will be looking for those answers next week, when he will once again go the the town council meeting asking for help -- this time hoping for a long-term solution

Reported by Sarah Warlick