Monitor Could Have Saved Premature Baby's Life

BLADEN COUNTY -- When Lisa and James Ray found out they were having twins, they were ecstatic.

"I was speechless," James said.

The twin boys, Gavin and Dillon, were born two months early at Cape Fear Valley Hospital.

While Lisa knew there could be problems, she never thought at just two months old, she'd find one of her sons dead in his crib.

Gavin Ray died just a week and a half ago, of complications from sleep apnea.

As the Rays grieved over their lost son at the hospital, doctors discovered that twin brother Dillon also has the breathing disorder.

The family was given a breathing monitor - something they had never heard about before.

"Nobody ever told us," Lisa said.

In their grief, the Rays have made a promise to their son - that they will use his life, and death, to help others.

"Without that machine... I wouldn't have this baby," Lisa said. "We just don't want someone else to go through this."

Now her mission is raising Dillon and her 4-year-old daughter, and telling mothers in the region what the hospital didn't tell her: A breathing monitor could save your baby's life.

Reported by Kim Gebbia