Recent School Violence has Local Schools on Alert


-- Long gone are the days of the hall monitor. Now locked doors, fences and law enforcement officers are a daily part of high school classes.

Many schools are bumping up security even more after a series of school shootings that has principals worried a copy cat could make their school the next victim.

At North Brunswick High School, the principal hosted special meetings throughout the day Tuesday to remind teachers to be on high alert. At Roger Bacon Charter School, officials are putting extra fencing around the buildings.

Both schools are focusing on keeping intruders out. More than a dozen security cameras try to stop harmful intruders outside and inside the school, but school officials say even this isn't enough. That's why they're trying to keep everyone aware of what's going on.

Because school shootings don't seem to be fading out, part of protecting the students is preparing for what could happen. Many Brunswick County schools will have lockdowns in the next few weeks to remind students and teachers what to do in case of a real emergency.

Reported by Kim Gebbia