Amber Alert for Siler City Toddler Abducted by Father

WILMINGTON -- An Amber Alert was issued Sunday across North Carolina, including the Cape Fear region, for 2-year-old Edwin Sanchez Gonzales.

Jorge Sanchez Aguilera, Sanchez Gonzales' father, took the boy at gunpoint from his estranged wife's home in Siler City, about 50 miles west of Raleigh, authorities said.

Sanchez Aguilera and three other men broke into the house and used duct tape to restrain Florentina Gonzales Coria -- the child's mother -- his grandfather, and another relative.

"[Gonzales Coria] screamed, her father woke up," said a translator with the investigation, "and they told her if she kept on screaming they'd kill her father and her cousin."

Gonzales Coria recognized all four of the kidnappers, including her own brother.

Police have arrested him and three other men. They are still searching for Sanchez Aguilera and the toddler.

Sanchez Aguilera took his son because he was mad about not getting custody of him, Gonzales Coria said.

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