Woman Attacked by Fox

WILMINGTON -- A Pine Valley woman's unusual encounter with a wild animal is forcing her to undergo painful rounds of medication.

A fox attacked Jean Lawler in her own backyard. She walked out to her car late Sunday night when a fox jumped up from behind the car and bit her on the leg several times. Lawler's husband scared the animal away.

Now Lawler has to go through five rounds of rabies shots. More than that however, she is concerned about the safety of her family and her neighbors.

"My main thing is that we have a bus stop with a lot of children. I have children that live in the neighborhood. If the fox is rabid, then we certainly want people to be on the look out for it," says Lawler.

Animal Control says it's not normal for healthy foxes to get close to humans or attack people. Anyone bitten by a fox should get treated for potential rabies exposure immediately.

Reported by Chunshek Chan