First Act: Extremities


-- You can lose yourself in a song and dance during a night at the theater or you can lose yourself in thought. That's the goal of a show opening at the Soap Box in downtown Wilmington.

"It kind of will leave the audience thinking about it and hopefully discussing the topic and maybe giving them a new viewpoint or something new to think about," says actor Jeff Boardman.

That topic is domestic violence and sexual abuse. It's the theme of Guerilla Theater Company's latest production "Extremities." It's the story of a woman victimized by a man who then turns the table on her attacker, and the name "Extremities" is not an exagerration.

"Some people that come see it will be shocked because there's some shocking material but knowing that you're showing them something that in reality needs to be shown. They need to see that people do go through this. Women go through this," says actress Erin Hunter.

While "Extremities" helps raise awareness to abusive situations, Guerilla Theater Company is taking it one step further. Some proceeds from the show are going to help Safe Haven of Pender. That organization helps victims of violence find a new life. And it was a chance meeting at a local talk show that helped the director of Safe Haven and the founder of Guerilla Theater Company find each other.

"[He] liked what he heard, understood that we're an agency in a rural county, that we're always faced with trying to raise the awareness. And consequently waited almost a year later, but decided that this was what he wanted to do. This was the production that was related to domestic violence and he wanted us to be the benefactor from this production," says Executive Director Ted Proukou.

It's a production that will surely raise some questions and possibly, as are the hopes of all involved, keep another person from falling victim.

If you'd like to see "Extremities," the show runs from Sept. 28 through Oct. 1 and again Oct. 5-7. All shows are at 8:00pm at the Soap Box Speakeasy. For ticket reservations call (910) 233-9914.

Reported by Heather Setzler