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Ovarian Cancer: Breaking the Silence

Notable Victims

  • Evelyn Ankers, actress (died at age 67)
  • Raelene Boyle, Australian athlete; surviving
  • Laurie Beechman, actress/singer (died at age 43)
  • Clare Boylan, Irish writer (died at age 58)
  • Jill Chaifetz, American lawyer and children's right advocate (died at age 41)
  • Carol Channing, actress/entertainer; surviving
  • Caitlin Clarke, actress (died at age 52)
  • Helen Cresswell, British writer and author (died at age 71)
  • U.S. Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, surviving
  • Mildred Dean, mother of American actor James Dean; she died when Dean was 9 years old.
  • Sandy Dennis, Oscar-winning actress (died at age 54)
  • Rosalind Franklin, British physical chemist and crystallographer, linked with the discovery of the shape of the double helix of DNA (died at age 37)
  • Diana Dors, actress, also known as Diana d'Ors (died at age 52)
  • Robert Eads, American female to male transsexual who was refused medical treatment for the cancer in the state of Georgia (died at age 53)
  • Jeannie Ferris, Senator for South Australia; surviving
  • Susan Fleetwood, British actress (died at age 51)
  • Ella Grasso, former Connecticut governor, and the first woman ever to be elected governor in her own right (died at age 61)
  • Cassandra Harris, Australian actress/wife of Pierce Brosnan (died at age 43)
  • Dolly Haas, actress/singer; wife of Al Hirschfeld (died at age 84)
  • Joan Hackett, actress (died at age 49)
  • Madeline Kahn, actress, singer and comedienne (died at age 57)
  • Coretta Scott King, wife of civil rights activist Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. (died at age 78)
  • Dixie Lee, actress/singer; converted to marry Bing Crosby (died at age 40)
  • Janet Margolin, actress (died at age 50)
  • Mary I of England, neé Mary Tudor; British Queen Mary I (died either of uterine cancer or ovarian cancer at the age of 42)
  • Mary Millar, British actress, most famous as "Rose" from Keeping Up Appearances (died at age 62)
  • Helen Simpson Morosini, Mother of Dana Reeve, who was wife of Christopher Reeve (died at age 71)
  • Bess Myerson, surviving
  • Laura Nyro, singer (died at age 49; her own mother, Gilda Nigro, also died of ovarian cancer and at the same age as Nyro)
  • Alice Pearce, actress (died at age 48)
  • Gilda Radner, actress/comedienne/Saturday Night Live alumna (died at age 42)
  • Patsy Ramsey, mother of the late JonBenét Ramsey (died at age 49)
  • Janet Sandell, South African social activist (died at age 70)
  • Dinah Shore, actress/singer (died at age 77)
  • Linda Smith, comedienne, actress; head of the British Humanists' Association (died at age 48)
  • Jessica Tandy, actress (died at age 85)
  • Elizabeth Tilberis, Harper's Bazaar Editor-in-Chief (died at age 51)
  • Jackie Walters, sister of Barbara Walters
  • Loretta Young, Oscar-winning actress (died at age 87)

List of notable victims courtesy Wikipedia

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