Two Cars Burned in Carolina Beach

CAROLINA BEACH -- Two cars are charred after arsonists set them on fire this weekend.

The cars were broken into and burned sometime between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning, police said.

One vehicle was parked off Charolotte Avenue. The other was in the parking lot of Driftwood Villas.

The driver of the car at Driftwood Villas did not realize it was an arson at first.

"I thought maybe it was just an electrical fire or something, or that someone just broke into it," said the victim, who did not want to be identified. "But then I realized that nothing was missing and they probably just did it for the heck of it."

A few blocks away on Charlotte Avenue, Jerry Evans was thinking the same thing when he found his car broken into and torched.

"It's weird," said Evans.  "If you're going to break into a car, not take anything but set it on fire, that's strange."

Officers do not know how the fires where started, but they said there was something strange about the arsonists.

"They probably got scared when they set the first car on fire, since it was close to the building, so they put (the fire) back out," said Carolina Beach Police Chief William Younginer.

Reported by Kim Gebbia