UNCW Students Hope to Quiet Neighbors' Protests

WILMINGTON -- A group of UNCW students took to the streets Thursday afternoon. They were not protesting, but instead were hoping to quiet the protests of some of their neighbors.

The students went door-to-door armed with packets, which included information on the university and pledges to be good neighbors.

The students listed ten ways in which they will take action to improve their image.

Neighbors around the university campus often associate students with noise, late-night parties and illegal parking. The students wanted to get along with the long-time residents and be a welcome part of the community.

"The community often just thinks about the negative things that are happening at UNCW, especially from the organizations like sororities, athletics teams and stuff like that," said UNCW junior Ashley Knowles. "So it's great to get our names out there in a positive way to promote the good things about UNC-W and the community atmosphere we have on campus."

Reported by Nicole Ferguson